avg for macImagine yourself playing around on your Mac, doing your homework writing or whatever you do, if like many other people your whole life is on your computer, then suddenly the screen starts flashing, it shuts down or you start getting lots of ads. Imagine your system suddenly slows down to a snails pace. But this is exactly what would happen if your system ever got infested with a virus. To prevent this from happening many die hard Mac users opt to use a good Antivirus like AVG for Mac.

If you are part of the Apple computers community, you know darn good and well that this is not normal for your system. After all that’s why you traded your Windows in for an OS X. Now, let’s face it – we all know it is extremely uncommon for a Mac to come down with a virus. Most general viruses are made for the PC, but it does happen.

Have you ever thought that what you would do if your bank information, passwords or Paypal account were breached? Your money would be gone! That would be the end of that! You could experience a loss worth thousands of dollars.
Now using an antivirus for such a system is not uncommon. You would be surprised if I told you the number of users who have an antivirus installed at the Cupertino plant. A good guess would be about half of the 30,000 or more employees.
Why do you think fans of Steve Jobs’ computer systems install great antivirus programs like AVG on their systems? For personal protection, of course! While these systems are not generally mass targeted by viruses, individual users can easily be targeted. This means anyone can decide to target you specifically and bypass your security system easily, thereby targeting all of your secure data.

For Everyone
OK, so you might think to yourself: “Well I don’t keep very important stuff on my computer and I don’t use it as much as someone who works in the IT field that means I don’t really need antivirus software. Don’t fool yourself! Until recently OS X viruses, adware and malware were virtually unheard of, but now that more people are carrying around an Apple product, hackers are also targeting the Mac OS systems. This means you need a secure antivirus program like AVG.

What Happens if I Don’t Use It?
Well, probably nothing! But what if it does? Have you heard or do you know of any good Mac techs. They are not as common as the typical PC guy and most PC guys don’t work on these systems. This means when you do find such a tech, it will be more expensive to fix the problem.
Just recently I heard of a new Trojan that especially attacked OS X systems. It tricked users into buying a program and suddenly the poor person had an infected system which installed several pornographic websites. Now that may be acceptable at home, but it certainly isn’t at the office and eventually it will bring your entire computer to a halt.

Increase Your Safety
Mac makes a point of only opening safe files but there are times when even the Rolls Royce of computers cannot tell if the file is a virus. The solution is to install a reliable and inexpensive antivirus like AVG. All you have to do is visit the website click the Mac option, pay for the software and download then install it. Once you have installed the AVG you can rest assured that you have complete protection.

Generally speaking no matter what you watch, download or insert in your computer, it will be inspected by AVG. You can relax and do what you have always done, which is to enjoy your system again. And don’t worry, AVG also take care of the needed updates. All you have to do is allow it to update when it needs to.