The reason why many people love ProtectMac antivirus is the presence of the background scanner, which continually scans the system all the time. You do not need to command it like other security software programs. The company behind this one-of-a-kind software knows the importance of continuously protecting the system off any threats.

This review aims to educate and inform users on the services and availability of this antivirus software. This is a comprehensive guide that takes time to give you the basic understanding of the security protection process. However, not many people know about this company since it has not been in the market long enough to compete with other giants in the market. This is the reason why many people are cautious and prefer to use the trusted and well-known brands available.

Ultimate Protection
ProtectMac gives the user the opportunity to protect the computer and server from spyware, Trojans, and other virus codes that use tactful means to invade the Mac OS X. Many antivirus companies only have one layer of scanning and protecting the system. This is not the case with this virus protection program. It boasts of having different layers of protection. This simply means that it scans the folders, files and the network path through different scanning methods instead of just one. The scanning takes place in stages which means there is continuous scanning all the time. When you switch on your Mac, it starts scanning without necessarily commanding it. This works best for busy people, who tend to forget about scanning their systems. It works on the back scene and you do not need to worry about screen pop ups while working, something that can be extremely irritating.

How it works?
ProtectMac indicates different levels of protection to aid in the business world and personal computers. In the business section, it is very crucial to keep data, files and folders clean all the time. Due to frequent use and downloading from the internet, it gets hard for one to monitor all the operations of the system. This protection tool takes charge of the system all day long and prevents the server from attacks.

With the user control option, those people who have access to the server are the only ones who can access the system. This prevents other people from inserting information without authorization. It is a strong security measure and instantly notices any spyware, Trojans, virus, and threats to the OS X. When this happens, it notifies the users and commands an entire scan of the system. This makes it easier for one to detect the threats which may be hidden in downloads, sharing folders and files, and spam messages. When one computer is affected by any threat, it completely blocks it from infecting other computers in the office, or accessing the server until it clears the threat through different layers of scanning. This might take time but one has the assurance that the threat is detected, and cleared immediately.

This software also allows you to select files and folders that you do not want the program to scan from time to time. This ensures that they are always safe. However, it routinely commands you to scan the selected folders to ensure they are safe.

On the downfall side, the ProtectMac does not have the capacity to secure the Virtual Windows even though it clears off the threats. It however has the capacity to detect any Window threats and viruses and alerts the user.

Installing this software is very easy. It has a customize option, where you can include your own settings. Upon downloading it from the official site, it scans the entire computer and keeps it safe from any threats. It then continues with this routine every time the computer is switched on.

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